Research: More Girls pursuing Technician Professions

(NBC News) Silicon Valley has traditionally been called a”boys club,” but new research indicates that the more women are pursuing technician professions.

According to a new study from a young career community, known as Handshake, there is a 200% boost in girls applying for information engineer positions.

Out 100,000 girls, over a third did not significant in a stem-related topic, but over half needed specialized skills like coding.

Experts say many applicants were potentially inspired by technology education from a young age, driven by associations like Women Who Code.

Implementing and recruiting initiatives may also have an effect. Handshake mentioned Cisco, Wayfair and Microsoft among businesses bringing the maximum proportion of female applicants.

“We are also seeing companies taking more vested interest in ensuring they’ve diversity and gender parity within their groups,” explained Handshake spokesperson, Christine Cruzvergara.

As stated by the sex equity nonprofit,, girls now constitute nearly 30 percentage of entry positions, but they are still outpaced by men to one.

New York topped the list of towns bringing the most programs from women graduates looking for work in the technology business, followed by San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and Boston.

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