Lanier Tech pays 53K into Laboratory assistant fired Following MS Identification

An emergency medical Tech Laboratory assistant claimed she

Was eliminated from the Lanier Technical College teaching program after a
Analysis of multiple sclerosis, according to court officials.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office announced a settlement arrangement
Concerning the faculty along with also a complaint alleging an Americans with Disabilities
Act violation.

The arrangement means the faculty will cover $53,000 in back cover
And compensatory damages to the former worker and revise policies to be
compliant with the ADA.

“Folks shouldn’t confront criminal obstacles to employment
Since they have a chronic illness or other disability,” Assistant Attorney
General Eric Dreiband stated in a statement. “This agreement is yet another measure
Towards removing discriminatory employment barriers for individuals with
disabilities. We applaud Lanier Technical College for committing to change its own
Policies and practices, and compensating its former worker who had been unlawfully
Terminated from her job”

The part time laboratory assistant was diagnosed with 2010 together with
Multiple sclerosis under a year after connecting Lanier Tech.

In 2012, she missed work on a Small Number of times because of
treatment. The laboratory assistant signed for Many changes for the next
Fall session, but she had been then removed from the calendar from the
Teacher, according to the complaint.

According to the complaint, the laboratory assistant appealed to
The manager, that”expressed concern about liability and legal issues and
If (the laboratory assistant) was inserted to function for the MS.”

The laboratory assistant was eliminated from payroll six months afterwards.
The former employee then filed a complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity
Commission, that then researched the situation.

“At this time, Lanier Technical College hasn’t received any
Official notification at a change of status of this litigation, as well as is the
Coverage of this College, we’ve got nothing to add,” Lanier Tech public relations
Manager Dave Parrish wrote in an emailaddress.

The laboratory assistant Wasn’t identified in any files
Supplied from the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

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